magento web development

Every business needs continuous growth no matter from how long its roots exists in the market. In this top-notch competition, it is a necessary aspect to remain a step forward in the web design and development arena as it is the highest fluctuating industry. Specially in the eCommerce realm which remains active for 24X7, it is important to have a pretty website that will serve the purpose of your business. Magento web development is becoming a growing concept in the present context due to the extensive features this open-source platform contains.

Although Magento is a full-fledged platform, is it enough to use this platform and expect good results? Certainty not. The gist is, there are several factors one must count on whether it is a PSD to Magento conversion or creation of a basic eCommerce store based on Magento.

It starts from finding your requisites to picking a firm which can use these details to give you an active website. Hiring a reliable Magento web development company can bring you a pretty eCommerce store full of features. The only thing you need to assure is that the team you are selecting is proficient enough with all the essential skills.

Let’s check what they are:

1. Creativity

Innovation is a crucial factor to consider while you are framing an e-commerce store for your business. The reason is quite obvious. An attractive and fresh website online pulls more traffic and in turn generates more revenue.

Before hiring a certified Magento developer, make sure that they are proficient enough to create an impressive web store. To achieve the same, they should use conventional and advanced web development methods.

2. Expertise

Experience is yet another important factor you must check before opting a Magento development company. A firm with less-trained developers might be a big loss for you in the future run. This is because they can initially bring you a fair website in competitive price, but they cannot be guaranteed to serve you the future support in case of any flaws or updation.

Technology is changing super-actively and it becomes necessary for the developers to become aware of the freshest concepts in trend. Else, your website will lag behind from your competitors.

3. Technical Portfolio

It is advisable to check their technical portfolio and previous projects they have successfully accomplished so that you will be aware of methodologies and development practices they follow.

Note here that you don’t have a temporary web place but need a robust presence for your business which only an expert can give.

4. Magento Certifications

Magento certification is a symbol that the team has required knowledge about the Magento platform due to which they passed a set level of criteria.

It is good if your Magento developers have passed certification in Magento. This makes them more liable to develop your online e-commerce website.

5. Deadline

If you will get the results done after the required time when it was meant to be, half of your benefits gets reduced. So it is better to verify from the team if they are able to render the web solutions to you within the specified time.

It is a sign of professionalism and if the firm you picked is committing to give you the results on time, you are on the right track.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Magento platform believes to be one of the most challenging e-commerce platforms in terms of search engine optimization aspects. It is somewhat dissimilar to the WordPress platform which is completely search engine-friendly and supports multiple SEO practices for better results.

So, it is advisable that the team which you are hiring is expert in putting SEO features within your Magento E-commerce platform. Moreover, features like responsive web design, conversions and traffic rate will be easy to attain if you hire an expert Magento Developer.

7. Budget

Pricing and quality both are the crucial aspects as no one can be put secondary for the other. As a good practice, you can ask for the price quote for website development as well as support services before starting work with them.

Quality is the next important thing which you can compromise little bit depending upon how much you can afford. While, this compromise should not be in terms of functionality.

You can reduce few of the pages of website or can add less images. But whatever you will add, it must be authentic and flawless. So, hiring a Magento Developer keeping your budget in mind is a fair step here that will improve your return on investment in the later stage of development.

8. Customer reviews

An easy way to know about the actual worth of a firm is to check out feedback from its customers. The thing is, it takes a rigorous experience to gain an eagle eye that can differentiate a great quality site and a medium quality one.

You can find different opinions of the people through their reviews. Some may personally like a simple E-commerce website while others may catch a negative factor inside a great website with excellent functionality and navigation. You need to weigh all the aspects at the minutest level as per your sense of approach about the things.

Apart from portfolio section, you can also look for website users flow, internal links, ease of use and information access for better decision-making.

9. Post-deployment support

After-development support is equally important like the proactive support that you will get during the entire development process. It ensures proper functioning of your online store after it is published over the web.

You need to ensure that your customers do not suffer because of any technical or functional issue that will encounter at the later stages when development is done. Post deployment support guarantees a smooth performance of your Magento site.

You can easily add new features and functionalities with frequent upgrade of your store with the newest versions. You should choose a Magento development company that provides on-going 24/7 and maintenance.

10. Communication

The company that you will choose must use a proper communication channel to assist you. Right project initiation till the time of final delivery, you should remain in constant touch with the team.

Developers must be able to understand what you actually needs and should be ready to actively use your inputs and suggestions for improvements.

It is also important to check the communication skills of the developers in case you are working with an offshore Magento development company.


Magento web development is always a credible task to implement if you want high-quality business results. Hiring a quality Magento web development company seems quite easier process but requires special attention on few aspects. These people work with utter dedication to simplify your business journey and give you a feature-rich store.