The mobile device users are increasing at a consistent pace and so is the case with the online e-commerce stores. So, having responsive Magento website is the complete solution that can help the entrepreneurs worldwide in every possible way to boost the business traffic. The major benefit of responsive websites based on Magento is that they can be accessed easily on any device (Mobile or Computing) without taking the screen sizes and pixels into consideration. Responsive websites can be developed in a minimum time with the help of Magento platform. How Magento eases the development of websites that are highly responsive? You will find the answer through this post.

Responsive Website

What features of Magento make it a great web development platform?

Developing responsive Magento website becomes an easy task by implementing the powerful features of this magnificent platform. A list of these stunning features have been summarized as follows:-

  • Consists of various conversion as well as promotion tools from marketing perspective
  • Sharing of information as per need
  • Multiple sites can be controlled through a single admin panel
  • Administration permissions
  • 100% custom designs and templates
  • Third-party applications support
  • Availability of CAPTCHA to prevent the unauthorized access
  • Better URLs control
  • Generation of coupon codes
  • Creation of varied price points for diversified groups

Availability of the above-mentioned features help to make responsive Magento website development a hassle-free process. Magento powers optimized online stores and its editions namely Enterprise and Community ensure the business growth. Responsive design themes have made it possible to build mobile-friendly websites with a rich set of features & functionality.

Spent minimum time as well as cost and avail responsive web pages

Magento is changing the online marketplace by implementing its special functionality. Due to these stunning features, minimum time and cost is taken by the e-commerce web application developers for building a responsive Magento website. Mobile responsive websites are an effective solution for the online merchants because a single time investment by them helps the customers to easily access the site using any mobile device. One good news for the online merchants is that the increased use of mobile commerce will definitely provide them the high returns and profits beyond their expectations.

According to the prediction of, the mobile commerce is expected to grow from 19 to 26 percent in the US from the year 2014 to 2017. And this growth rate is predicted to get an increase from 24 to 35 percent within the same time frame i.e. 2014 to 2017 in the UK.

Some important responsive themes based on Magento

Magento is a widely accepted content management system and above 204,000 websites are based on this effective platform. The entrepreneurs must own a responsive Magento website, if they want to enhance their sales and productivity at the global level.
Some important responsive themes that help to give customized and fully-fledged websites are as follows:-

  • Ultimo: It is one of the best themes of Magento used more than 8,000 times for developing responsive websites. Easy customization, a wide range of colors, zoom functionality, etc. are some important features of this theme. It is very easy to install and consists of above 190 pages.
  • Fortis: It is premium theme that comes with a rich set of features. This theme provides fast loading to the web pages.
  • Acumen: This Magento theme suits the best for designing online stores and has several special features like language translation, font of the page, etc.
  • Milano: This theme has been specially designed for stores that deal with fashion and clothing. In fact, it is an ideal theme based on Magento.
  • Perfectum: This is an universal theme of Magento that helps to design any online store. It is highly compatible and developed using CSS3 and HTML5.

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A responsive Magento website is beneficial in many ways such as it is preferred by Google, easy to use on all the mobile devices without any restriction and based on RWD (Responsive Web Design) approach.

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