According to cumulative reports across the industry, all the aspects of the website such as the website content, interface, design, template and every other field that contributes to user experience accounts for the numbers of conversion happening. That said, how do you use a perfect combination of aspect of a website? The perfect answer is A/B testing. It is the best way to determine “Do the users really like your e-commerce website”.

These days, A/B testing has become a leading word which really does not need a definition. But still, let’s take a look to understand what is A/B testing and how to A/B test your Magento store to improve the conversion rate on your website.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method that is used for comparing two versions of a web page against each other to determine which one will perform better for attracting more number of visitors to your website. It is a way to experiment on end users with your website.

It is used to figure out the perfect online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. And, to test everything from website copy to sales emails. Well-planned A/B testing can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It narrows down the most effective elements then combine them to generate more revenue on your website.

How does A/B Testing work?

Suppose that, you have a web page and you want to perform A/B test on it means you want to modify it by creating a second version of the same page to see that on which page more number of visitors are coming. This change can be as simple as a headline or button change or can be a complete redesign of the web page. You divide the page in two version named as control and variation.

After performing A/B test on your Magento store, you can check that how many visitors are serving either the control or variation. You can measure their engagement and collect in an analytics dashboard and analyzed through a statistical engine. Thus, it is easy to determine the user behavior on your web page. Accordingly, you can change it.

ab testing

For Ex: In this image, we can clearly see that number of visitors are coming to variation version so, this is a good approach. You may select this design for your web page.

Why should you perform A/B test?

There are many reasons to perform A/B test. Let’s have a look at some points

  • To know about the exact customers which are interested in your website.
  • To get a better understanding of what needs to be changed.
  • To improve the conversion rate and KPI.

Why A/B testing is good for Magento?

Magento provides fantastic A/B testing inbuilt feature to improve the conversion rate on an e-commerce store. It is used to determining the exact design of the website. Many Magento web development companies use A/B testing tool for providing the fantastic features of an e-commerce store. It is a basic method which helps you get the business goals based on improving conversion and different e-commerce KPIs and parameters.

Extensions for Magento

There are several extensions available in the market for performing A/B testing. Here, we are describing some important extensions that are used in Magento store.

  • Optimizely
  • GoTop – A/B Test
  • Blue Acorn Convert Experiments
  • A/B Testing by Amasty

Things to Remember to do A/B test on your Magento e-commerce page

  • Use proper title: It is also known as the headline of your home page as it attracts the more user. It plays a vital role to sell more products.
  • Use Badges: With the use of badges, you can convert more visitors into customers.
  • Attractive images: It is the fantastic way to show your product online.
  • Check out process: There should be simple checkout process to get the more users on your website.

Key strategies that are used to improve site visibility:

  • Communicate with the user to improve the conversion rate.
  • Use unique content Appropriate or relevant description enhance the performance of your website.
  • Create a user-friendly home page.
  • Use social media method for promoting your website.
  • Use email and telemarketing method


To conclude, we can say that A/B testing is a good approach to get more use on your website. It is used to see the change on your web page means how will your website look like after changing the template design and see how it affects to the users.

If you are planning to do A/B testing on your website page then you may hire web developer from PSDtoMagentoDeveloper. They will help you build a more attractive website which will help you to improve the conversion rate. Thus, we advise you that you should use A/B testing for your website.