Magento e-commerce web application platform is known among worldwide web developers for building feature-rich online e-commerce stores. Above 3% e-commerce stores are using it as recorded according to the latest statistic. But, if you want to upgrade your online e-commerce stores with more advanced features, then Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 is available for you to offer functionality beyond expectations. This latest version of Enterprise Edition was launched on 13 November 2014 by the company MAGENTO.COM. After upgrading to this version, both the merchants and users will get captivating online experiences. Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.14.1 guarantees more sales and increased productivity, so that you can obtain high returns with ease.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Why Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 is the best?

Finding the answer of this question is quite confusing and tedious. Always opt the platform that gives new designs, look & feel along with several astonishing features to your online e-commerce store. In this regard, the newly released Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 suits the best for a variety of reasons. A few reasons that make it a unique e-commerce web application development platform have been described below:-

  • Easy to organize the products: Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.14.1 helps to organize the products on the online stores faster as well as easier. This latest version has been released with superior capabilities and features for the creation of multiple categories.

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 offers “Drag-and-Drop Merchandising”. Watch the video to learn more about this.

  • Facilitates customization: The user-friendly online stores ensure the success of your business and increase the conversions. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 helps to create eye-tempting web pages and also changes can be made easily according to the customers demand.

Learn how to “Add Large Number of Products” on the online stores with the help of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1. Watch the video given below to perform this action.

  • Availability of visual merchandising tool: Tools decrease the efforts and increase the chances of positive outcomes. The same case persists with Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.14.1 as it comes with a merchandising tool that helps to save both time and efforts while updating the categories. This tool helps to perform several activities such as addition or removal of products in bulk, assigning the products automatically, creation of dynamic categories, placing the products to their appropriate categories on the basis of product attributes and many more.

Tutorial on “Category Smart Rules” regarding Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1. Watch the video and get more information about this process.

  • Boost the conversions ratio: Without the optimal leads and conversions, there are no benefits of running the online e-commerce store. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 helps to boost the conversions by optimizing the presenting style of products on the e-commerce stores. “Swatch” capabilities provide richer information about the products such as prices, quantity, colors, fabrics, etc. to the users and also help them to make the shopping easy & convenient.
  • Don’t worry about devices, it works on all: Mobile-commerce is all around with the increase of smart devices, so online stores must be responsive. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 offers responsive email templates and newsletters that work well on all the mobile devices.

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After going through the above-mentioned features, it has become clear that why opting for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 is beneficial for building the online e-commerce stores.