The recent times in which we are living is highly influenced by the Magento eCommerce development industry and people rely on the online shopping to get convenient, cost-effective and safe results in no time. Magento stores are gaining huge popularity in this scenario to give a frictionless shopping experience to the users, but it is not always necessary that every visit will lead to successful buying.

There may be a case that a visitor selects a particular product for buying, but ends in putting it in the cart without making final payment. Now the question arises, what are the possible reasons for the cart abandonment and what are the annoying factors that are compelling your customers to show you their back.

Extensive research of the e-stores has revealed different aspects of the online shopping and below facts came into light-

  • An average shopping cart abandonment rate is 75%.
  • Almost 56% of the consumers who make online purchase at least once a month store the items in their shopping cart for the future purchase.
  • Another 61% agree for their most likely return to a website after receiving reminder emails.
  • Surveys conducted on about half of the consumers revealed that shopping cart abandonment reminder emails are quite beneficial.

Now, let’s check out few measures that can decrease the Magento cart abandonment rates

Optimize User Experience

One of the major reasons for the cart abandonment is a long checkout process. A smart approach here is to make it as simple as possible. You can install One Step Checkout Extension to get a simple checkout process in your website.

Some other issues that might be a reason why users abandon the cart are low ratings, loading speed, poor reviews, unclear design, obligatory registration a complex shopping cart edit, and many more.

A progress bar in your web design is an added advantage for the visitors so that they can proceed to checkout without any ambiguities. Similarly, avoid any hidden charges or unclear pricing.

Focus on User Engagement

Customers are the asset for your business. Thus, it is important to reach to them when they are on the website and also after leaving the website. To achieve this, implement automated marketing tools to win back your customers.

  • You can setup remarketing ads to connect with the past visitors.  For this, give them product suggestions or by displaying the products they have previously seen on your site.
  • Custom pop-ups with surprise offers can also act as a big source of help to inspire people to make further interaction with your store.
  • Product recommendations, (like for say different colors of an apparel) can help customers to add more items in their shopping cart. It can be complementary products or last seen items.

Improvise Your Offers

If you want good eCommerce results, promotion is always a sure-shot way. Free shipping, exciting discount offers, gifts and multiple payment methods are some best methods. And, these can motivate your customers to finish their order and certainly decrease the cart abandonment rate.

It is also a good option to add a gift wrap for a purchase if the customer is buying it for someone else. It is a remarkable feel and leaves a lifetime footprint in the people’s heart.

Adding security at every aspect of purchase like badges and required protocols establish trust about your products.

Step Forward for Advancement

You can also analyze the cart abandonment rate of a Magento store with the Google Analytics tracking.  With this,  you get the clarity over successful conversions and to sum up what is needed to reduce it.

Give a look on all the necessary aspects of a website to know what a website is lacking and what is the cause that customers are leaving without completing the orders.


If the above-listed facts are put into keen consideration, there is no exaggeration if your sales and ROI jump tremendously. You will know the major reasons for why visitors are leaving you and can work on suggested measures to get them back.