For an eCommerce website, it is mandatory to give a smooth user experience in order to increase traffic, sales and revenues of a business. A profitable business runs only when its brand website will be perfect in all respect. Else, a mere flaw in any aspect can cause negative results in its performance. However, there are multiple reasons that can hamper UX and performance of a Magento store, but the checkout process plays an important role in deciding for how long users will stay at your place.

Magento 2.0

Studies have shown that around 10% of the people who do cart abandonment have given the reason of a tough and complicated checkout form that takes a long time. Users get really frustrated when going through a long checkout process and thus it becomes necessary to bring them an enjoyable checkout experience. Magento 2.0 one step checkout process is one such way to give an awesome user experience with an optimized checkout process.

Underlying Concept Behind Magento 2.0 One Step Checkout

The one step checkout process of a basic Magento 2.0 website allows customers to quickly complete the transaction with a friendly checkout page. With all the fields clearly visible on the page, it has been divided into different sections including-

  • Billing address
  • Order review
  • Payment method
  • Shipping method
  • Place order

The AJAX technology makes the entire process very fast where data gets updated instantly. Increased conversion rate and reduced cart abandonment are the major benefits that adds points to the beauty of single checkout process given by Magento 2.0.

Noteworthy Features and Benefits of Magento 2.0 One Step Checkout

  • AJAX Technology

It is the modern technology of eCommerce store that works with a database and server where there is no need of refreshing the page. Technically speaking, when a customer updates his address, the related parts like payment and shipping method will also be updated as per the changes.

  • Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods

Magento 2.0 extension has the ease to offer multiple shipping and payment methods to the admin of e-store where he has the right to do changes as per the client’s specifications. There is no payment bar and there is also a provision of third party shipping and payment methods.

  • Auto-update Order Information

Buyers usually have the tendency to change their order like adding or removing items and amending the product quantities. The Magento 2.0 single checkout process allows instant update of order information without navigating to the checkout page.

  • Google Address Suggests Integration

This method has been used to automatically fulfill the client’s address with Google maps suggestion technology. As a client, one has to only type few words and relevant suggestions will be displayed in the dropdown. As a result, he can choose from the available options instead of manually typing it.


Being a business owner, one needs to offer relaxing user experience to its customers. Especially when dealing with the eCommerce world, pretty look and feel and less complexities in a website become primary concern for the businesses as well. Magento 2.0 one step checkout is a beneficial approach in this context to bring improved customer experience and less cart abandonment. Let’s check the above facts and follow the same in your store to get boosted results.