Strategies To Avoid shopping Cart Abandonment

Technology is boosting and it is the reason that e-commerce industry has got revolutionized. Maintaining visibility has become the most important thing for the survival of your business. Your website should be appealing if you have a shopping website. Currently, Magento is in trend and it has endless features to create an e-commerce site. You simply require focusing on the deformities or faults in your website.

How you can resolve Magento shops cart abandonment problem?

There are multiple ways to resolve the issue of shops cart ignorance in Magento. You can check some specifications associated with it:

Create your site according to users

Most of the people leave their carts because the checkout process takes too long. You need to create short and concise steps to complete the buying process. To increase your sales, you can remove the register part initially and put it right after the order will be placed by user.

To avoid shopping cart abandonment, you should design a user-friendly site so that user can remove and add the new product to their cart. In fact, you should try to show the direct check-out buttons for getting better outputs. It is mandatory for you to keep your site simple and convenient for the end users.

Images should be optimized properly

The most important asset for any e-commerce website are the images. The images on your e-commerce should be properly optimized so that user can easily get a view of the product according to their requirement. The pages with heavy images will affect the performance of your site, you can use a content distribution network to avoid this issue. It facilitates you to load images on your website with the help of a secondary server.

An e-commerce site should be responsive

People are browsing the internet on mobile more than using it on the desktop. When your website would be designed in such a way that it can be easily accessible on smartphones, the number of visitors will be increased. Creating a responsive Magento website is quite essential for the success of your e-commerce site. Ensure that users are not getting problems while navigating your site.

Engaging content is equally important

When you have an e-commerce site, try to embed unique and appealing content. It will not only compel users to visit your site, but they can even convert into potential customers. You should maintain the credibility of your content, it can give you outstanding results.

Display the available stock

You should display only available products on your website. It is good to show all the products but not those which are out of stock. In case, if a customer wants to buy some item but it is showing “Sold out” status, this can have a negative impact on the reputation of a shopping website.

Try to communicate with your customers

For increasing the customer’s engagement, you should communicate with them. Try to add an encouraging statement after every step so that the user will complete their shopping procedure without getting stuck. Also, you should add the progress indicator, it will help users to know the time duration that they are going to spend on your shopping website.

Accept payment by multiple gateways

It is the quality of a successful shopping site to accept payments by multiple methods. When it will be implemented in the best manner, it can have an influence on the overall sales of your shopping website.

People want to go for different payment options when they go shopping. Some payment methods that an e-commerce site should consider include Master card, Visa card, and PayPal.

Should clean the database frequently

For running your e-commerce store smoothly, the database needs to be cleaned. Those who keep unwanted data, it can slow down the speed of the data. When you clean your database subsequently, the website loading time will not be extended.


If you follow the guidelines that have been suggested to you, it will boost your business. You can find the change in the loading time and take your business to new heights. These given instructions can help you to make your site perfect and sustain longer in the e-commerce store.