An online business cannot be successful without a swift payment system that guarantees an easy and fast checkout experience for the customers. In eCommerce world, customer’s trust is the primary concern to build a lifelong relationship with the customers. There are so many crucial factors to work upon while managing an e-store, starting from identifying audiences, handling products and selling them worldwide. Magento 2 payment gateways are one of the integral element of the online stores that can make up a secure platform while conducting transactions from an e-store.

magento Payment Gateway

A bad gateway is harmful not only for the customers but can also results as a cause of pain for the store owners as well. Magento, being a popular eCommerce CMS, allows easy integration with major payment gateways.

Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateways List

 Paypal – Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

paypal - Magento 2 / Magento Payment Gateway

Simplicity is the main reason why PayPal is in demand. Customers can use it at any point of the hour irrespective of the device. It allows fast checkout process along with hassle free payment through the credit cards.

Users are able to create customized invoices where one does not require to pay a monthly fee. It is available worldwide to be used in more than 200 countries with instant account authorization where one can pay with just a few clicks.

Braintree – Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

braintree - Magento 2 / Magento Payment Gateway

It is a reliable name to employ easy payment for websites and apps that feature 130 currencies and usage in 44 countries. Several features including local payment proficiency, multiple outlines, settlement currencies and global fraud protection everything blend together in a single entity.

With optimized acceptance rates, ready-made UI is available to create a safe checkout process for your app or website. Its well-designed architecture is compatible with 3-D secure and global payment methods.

 Amazon – Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

amazon - Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

Launched by Amazon in 2007, Amazon payments allow sending and receiving money via an inbuilt API. With a beautiful shopping experience for the customers, Amazon Pay enables more time spent on searching the catalog by reducing the time has been spent on checking and placing the order.

You have a complete control on the entire shopping experience and all the transactions will be completed on your website itself. Integration with the existing CRM systems is a cakewalk along with plenty of merchant tools logos, buttons and payment marks. Customers are verified and validated with a familiar login. – Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

authorize - Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

This Magento 2 payment gateway is of best use when you have no spare time to spend on check out. The CIM (customer information manager) allows storing payment details of the customers and ensures that customers that are returning need not reenter their credit card information.

CIM also gives support to the customer profile and include payment, billing and shipping information. All these profile details are secured by assigning a secret ID, a code which is unique for every customer profile. As a whole, customers are allowed for a hassle-free checkout process that results in an increased conversion rate.

Stripe – Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

stripe - Magento / Magento 2 Payment Gateway

Stripe comes packed with a set of tools that prompts effortless handling of in-app payments and other related transactions. They accept over 100 currency types and run in more than 25 countries. The gateway integrates both iOS and Android for in-app payments and also gives flexibility for instant debit card transfers.

Bitcoin integration and advanced reporting are the added advantages of Stripe with plentiful options to take out the best from every minute feature of this payment gateway.

Sum Up

Although above list of the Magento 2 payment gateways is perfect for all kind of businesses, a smart decision is to opt one that can serve your both short-term and long-term objectives. It is advisable to look out for pros and cons of each gateway to analyze the outcomes on your e-store. Some considerable aspects of a right payment gateway are its security, pricing, convenience and capabilities.