Magento E Commerce Store

Magento launched in 2008, is the most popular e-commerce platform trusted by leading brands such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Burger King as well as by millions of other businesses worldwide.

Why Magento for e-commerce Store?

Magento has already left other popular e-commerce software behind because it has more robust features, easy to scale and customize. This platform offers high flexibility and functionality for an e-commerce store. Magento platform empowers growing businesses to scale more effectively and manage the customers at a global level with brand reputation.

Building an e-commerce website with only products & services is not enough to attract visitors. A successful e-commerce website must have all the major elements which make it more attractive & appealing and generate higher ROI.

Let’s discuss what are the basic elements for creating an e-commerce store?

Impressive Design & Layout

When we talk about online e-commerce business, people like consistency. So, never create a website that looks inconsistent by using different layouts, fonts, and colors for every page of your website. An impressive, and clutter-free interface along with simple navigation guarantees magnificent business prospects for your Magento store. The website layout should be user-friendly, attractive with an uncomplicated design. This all results in a good loading speed that ensures a smooth & seamless user experience.

Relevant Content & Images

Having relevant content and images is another essential part of an e-commerce store. It should be informative and useful to represent products and services so that users can make their purchase decision easier. Thus, conversion-driving content and high-quality product images are important for the success of Magento e-commerce store. Content that combines story-telling has a great quality that drives more visitors to convert. This is the powerful tool that contributes to SEO growth and drives more traffic to the e-commerce site.

Smooth Navigation

Smooth navigation goes a long way toward making a successful e-commerce website. Especially for e-commerce store, as the user would want to have a look at different products before they make a purchase. The easier navigation to access the product results in higher conversions. The products should be placed in a structured way such as categories & sub-categories, along with filter options to make search and navigation a simple process. Therefore, having a clean and uncluttered interface along with effectively placed (call to action) CTA buttons are important for an e-commerce site.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Nowadays, people tend to use different mobile devices thus your website should be mobile friendly. A mobile shopping cart is an add-on that increases the conversion rates by assisting mobile users for your website. This gives your business the m-commerce edge & helps you strike the competitors too. Thus, your site gets a higher rank on search engines. You can establish a long-term cookie that will allow the user to view their cart in subsequent sessions for a given time period. A persistent mobile shopping cart avoids the abandonment of the website.

SEO Compatibility

Any web store is useless until it is not visible to the potential buyers. And, it can be achieved by making your Magento e-commerce website SEO friendly. The crucial SEO elements like engaging keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags boost the search engine rankings of the store. To automate all aspects of your Magento store there are multiple advanced SEO extensions available in the market. So, build an e-commerce website that is SEO compatible and efficiently supports different mobile platforms.

Easy Checkout

Another essential element that should be considered while developing a Magento based e-commerce website is an easy, single-page, and quick check-out process. Sometimes, user have to fill a large number of fields & forms which include multiple steps that are likely to discourage conversions. To enable guest checkout by reducing the number of steps and integrating multiple payment options to minimize the cart abandonment ratio. This strategy is increasingly followed by Magento developers and it can be alone enough to push the sales.

Testimonials & Reviews

Actual customers reviews matter a lot as this content has given more credibility by customers nowadays. That is why, an e-commerce site must have product reviews by users. To win the trust over your shoppers, use content pieces such as reviews and testimonials to boost your sales, and enhance your reputation as well. Product reviews also power the purchase decision as these work as buying guides for the buyer.

Final Words

Some other e-commerce store functionalities such as mobile friendliness, integration of different payment gateways, shipping integration, and live chat are essential for the Magento store. Overall, the Magento store for your online business should be focused on delivering an amazing shopping experience to the customers. This platform offers the feature of customization that results in a tailor-made solution to meet all your business goals. If you are looking for an e-commerce website that includes all essential features & elements then hire PSDtoMagentoDeveloper to achieve all your business goals.