A new update by Google has boosted mobile-friendly web pages in mobile search results of Google search engine to rank them higher on the mobile devices.


has released a new update i.e. “Google Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm” on 21 April 2015 to make your website accessible and rank it higher on Google’s mobile search results. The updates or changes made to this ranking algorithm help provide a huge profits and returns to both big and small enterprises. Google, being a search engine giant, has changed the way results appear on the mobile devices. More than 60% of the web traffic in today’s rapidly evolving world of the smart devices comes from tablets as well as smartphones. This update has brought a negative impact for the businesses that do not have interactive website. These websites have been tested using an online responsive checker tool to know the extent of responsive functionality they possess during that course of time. And the websites that are found to have an unfavorable score on the parameter of responsiveness using this tool are likely to suffer more.

Why mobile-friendly websites for the enterprises?

The usage of the mobile devices for accessing the web pages is increasing consistently and with a rapid pace. In the last half a decade, development of the mobile-friendly websites has become a key process for assuring the business’ success at the global level. The users should experience relevant as well as fast results while searching on the mobile devices. As more and more people are switching to these smart handheld devices for accessing the Internet, therefore having a mobile-friendly website is highly valuable for the business. Google prefers responsive web pages and this latest ranking algorithm update reflects that mobile-friendly websites act as the future of the business.


In its announcement of February 2015 regarding ranking algorithm, Google gave a long time to the web developers to build responsive websites. Portent, a market research company, has conducted a survey of 25,000 websites and the result was that 40% or 10,000 websites were not mobile-friendly. According to SumAll, in a list of fortune 100 companies, 67% of them are not accessible on mobile devices.

What functionality this ranking update provides?

This ranking algorithm update of Google is totally focused on improving ranking and visibility of the mobile-friendly websites on Google’s mobile search results. It facilitates the searchers to find high-quality and optimal results with ease in a readable text format without the need of zooming or tapping. Tap targets are spaced in a proper manner and the web page avoids horizontal scrolling.
Ranking algorithm has brought changes in some of the parameters that have been summarized below:-

To check out your website is Mobile friendly or not, visit – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Mobile Friendly Test

  • Improves search ranking of the mobile-friendly websites on the mobile devices
  • Shows optimal results in all the languages worldwide
  • Instead of the entire website, it is applicable to its individual pages

To know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, check its status with the help of Mobile Usability Report in Webmaster Tool. Those websites that are not mobile-friendly suffer from traffic and ranking decrease in the Google’s mobile search results. Another important functionality of this algorithm or update is that it helps to automatically crawl or index the web pages once they become mobile-friendly.

Predictions and statistics of desktop and mobile search queries (2012 – 2020)

In the year 2012, mobile search queries were only 24.1% whereas desktop search queries were 3 times more than the former one i.e. 75.9%. Mobile search queries get increased up to 55.6% in the year 2015 and reduction was observed in desktop search queries i.e. they reduced up to 44.4% in the same year. It has been predicted by the experts that mobile search queries will increase up to 70% in the year 2020 whereas desktop search queries will suffer a reduction of 31.4%.

Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change

Google’s mobile-friendly ranking algorithm update will render optimal results on the mobile search results of Google. It provides a unique experience to the online visitors on small sized screens of the mobile devices.

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