tips for Successful eCommerce Website

If you are a business personnel, your basic motto must be to lead the business world with an effective website. But what it is exactly that makes a website effective and efficient enough. No one might have the one word answer for this query. Let’s dig it deep in this post.

This technological era demands you to be active every second of the clock if you have an eCommerce business. The reason is quite obvious. The web world is always fluctuating and it demands to keep track of every single activity of your website.

A common demand of consumers of today is to be really quick in purchase with an informed path. This is the major cause that professionals involved in Magento eCommerce development are genuinely looking for the smart ways to give an impressive and relaxing user experience.

A good design with an effective user experience runs on an idea to get users deeply involved in the shopping through an impressive yet productive manner.

There must be some tips that one can use to give a frictionless pretty user experience to their visitors.

Let’s check below list of eCommerce UX practices-

1. Small screen for long scroll

As inventories become larger in the eCommerce Magento sites, and scrolling demands to be impressive enough to make space for a large number of products. Mobile browsing is a counterpart in this context as most of the users are adopting their mobile devices to make a purchase.

The gestures can be seen indulged into the scrolling process. Swiping is more preferable than tapping to give a better control to scrolling. Scrolling allows an improved storytelling, another trendsetter in Magento eCommerce development.

An engaging storytelling majorly comprises animations and parallax effects that make the use of scroll to give an engaging user experience. In scrolling, users tend to follow a visual narrative where they can easily utilize heavy amount of data in less time.

2. Flat design for neatness

Flat design has gained predominance within user interfaces for the past few years. All the major brands including Apple, Microsoft and Google have minimized the overall look and feel of their OS to present a simple and authentic experience to the users.

The flat design style for any web design removes its decorative elements and allows a neat and focused design. A page gets the breathing room from a clean design along with a compelling call to action for engagement.

Similarly, a focused design helps showcase products in a better way like large and detailed imagery that can help a customer make genuine decision about a product purchase.

3. Multi-platform and multi-device purchase for wide exposure

Integrations with a third-party service provider is good in the recent times for better promotion. For instance, Instagram has been integrated with Shopify so that the users can click on Instagram ads to buy products instead of finding an eCommerce store. This idea is making mobile purchase more appealing to the users.

Stripe, another famous vendor, allows users to buy products through their mobile Twitter apps, also called as Stripe Relay. This makes eCommerce mobile purchase an easy go.

4. Enough details in product page

The product detail page is very crucial for an E-commerce site. There is a fine lining between adding sufficient information and making it too much cluttered. There are various features that you can implement, such as adding an Add to Cart button with great visibility and lucrative elements.

This button must be readable with an optimum size and adorable color that looks perfectly unique from rest of the page. It is also important to use a call to action with ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’.

Product photos are also crucial to display relevant information so that users will better understand the products and differentiate between similar items.

Trust badges are yet another necessary element that plays an important role in giving a relaxing user experience to the crowd. These badges can be added to the product detail pages, checkout and shopping cart.

5. Customer reviews

In this tough world, competition is at par in every aspect. Studies have proved that almost 7 out of 10 customers consult reviews before making a purchase. It seems unreal but people gets enough benefits if there is a public access to completely disclose about a product.

These ratings help potential customers understand a product value which they are purchasing. As being a business owner, your offerings can be fine-tuned by using the feedback. One can expect a huge increase in conversion rates via these customer reviews.

6. Friendly navigation

A clear navigation in an eCommerce website guides the visitors in the right direction by assisting them wisely for browsing a product catalog. The navigation must be prominent and cleanly organized. This results in quick search for a product by the name of obvious categories and sub-categories.

For multiple pages, try to keep the navigation at the same place with same color, font and style used on all the pages.

An interactive search bar is highly impactful for the e-store users to easily navigate and find what they are exactly looking for. Keeping in sync with the navigation, you must insert the search bar in an easy to locate place, most probably in the header of all the pages. Here, robust search functionality must be used to the extent which your site can bear.

Some good suggestions here can be auto-complete features, support for symbols & abbreviations and search by model number or product name.

7. Omni-platform

Mobile-first approach is in the wind as most of the people are choosing the smartphones instead of desktops. The trend is focusing to migrate towards the progressive web apps and responsive designs.

The process includes reverse engineering that involves first creating a website for smartphones and thereafter turn them adaptive for larger screens by responsive behavior inserted into them.

Discussing technically, when the sites are made adaptive for large screens, a way is paved for finger-friendly buttons and icons along with comparatively large images. There can be plentiful hidden hamburger menus as well.

8. Augmented reality

This concept is happily entering into the eCommerce world to give a complete immersive experience without headsets. Here, realty can be mixed with fantasy for a better shopping experience.

Virtual fitting rooms are yet another innovative tactic in queue that gives the access of webcam technology to the customers so that they can try clothes and accessories.

9. Interactive shopping

The Android elements are streamlined by Google through material design. Exciting features including shadow effects, vibrant colors, content-focused approach and movements have made material design an eCommerce winner.

Still, there is a lot more to dig beneath. Few of the hottest names are card layout, responsive animations and interactions.

Cards makes a responsive design easy to navigate so that users can easily pick from a huge list of categories and products. Interactions allow features such as innovative hovering to zoom, icon rotation, loading bars, interactive button spins and even pretty animations.

10. Voice search

Dynamic search functionality has become conventional for online stores prepared from Magento web development. The recent time has come up with the rise of digital assistant and voice search. In this era of advancement, the conversational interfaces have disrupted the customer service space.

These virtual assistants have taken an important place in the eCommerce web space by giving an interactive and personalized shopping experience.

Apart from customer support, these bots also help assist users while making purchases and manage basic inquiries.

Sum Up

In this top-notch competition, it becomes the need of the hour to map the customer’s journey and anticipate what actually they are finding. You are half way done if you keep the visitor who comes at you utterly satisfied with the hassle-free browsing experience. It
is secondary whether he will become your potential customer and contribute towards sale.

But, your primary goal must be to provide them each and every essential element with convenience at par. We have tried from heart to pick every popular trend of Magento eCommerce development into this list to make user experience a thrilling experience.